Dreamlike Aromas
Made For Real Life

“Life is but a dream.”

Now, you can ignite your inner fantasies and transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences, one deep breath at a time.


Blu Dream Candles Offers 3 Ways To Set The Mood…

Natural Soy Candles

Effortlessly long lasting candles made from Mother Nature’s most loved ingredients. Our flagship hand poured creations are drenched in soothing essential oils and natural fragrances designed to entice the senses, even after the flame is out.



Ultra Potent Wax Melts

Intensely scented wax bars designed to fill your space with just one small block. Our customizable natural wax melts provide a richly concentrated version of our most popular essential oil-infused aromas, delivered in a convenient and flame-free package.



Fuss-Free Reed Diffusers

Spa-approved natural scent diffusers made for a low maintenance ambiance that actually lasts. Our sleek and sophisticated glass diffusers and built-in depositing reeds give you a simple solution for enhancing the scent of your space without the worry of candle care.