Pouring Up Feel-Good Vibes

One Handmade Candle At A Time

Some moments deserved to be lived over and over again. 

 At Blu Dream Candles, we’re on a mission to unlock life’s most delicious memories with artfully crafted scents made for transporting your senses to bold new destinations at the flick of a wick. 


Founded by a lifelong candle lover who had grown tired of the uninspired, quickly fading scents often found in leading big box stores, our hand poured creations are here to give you more of the dreamy aromas you really want and less of the headache-inducing fluff that you don’t. 


That’s Why We Craft Our Candles With…
  • NO harmful chemical ingredients or irritatingly harsh fragrances

  • NO unnatural wax blends or wasteful materials

  • NO large batches that lead to inconsistent candle quality

  • NO disappearing scents that evaporate as soon as they’re blown out


Instead, our made to order candles are hand poured in carefully crafted small batches using only the finest eco-friendly soy wax blends and potent essential oils for a safe, natural aroma that lingers gently in your space without the risk of nasty side effects. 


In other words? 


Blu Dream is the naturally long lasting candle solution for escaping the ordinary and entering an oasis all your own.